Mud systems

HEADS offers a wide range of high quality products for trenchless drilling technology, including horizontal directional drilling and microtunneling. The benefits of developing a new standard in the drilling fluids are priceless that is why HEADS is open to the growing needs and expectations of the market.

Drilling fluids prepared with modified bentonites are generally liquids with low solid content. The optimal concentration is 2-3% of bentonite. With such a concentration fluids get very good rheological and filtration parameters.

The bentonites produced by HEADS meets all the functions and requirements of modern drilling fluids.

Advantages of systems based on our products:

  • High rates of drilling penetration
  • High rheological parameters at low concentrations
  • Immediate formation of stable, breakable structures during circulation brakes
  • Much quicker dispersion compared to similar products
  • No penetration of fluid outside of the borehole
  • Good lubricating properties
  • Initial inhibition of water sensitive clay layers
  • Reduces pressure losses in the drilling pipes and tools
  • Compatible with most of water loss polymers limiting the level of filtration or increasing the inhibitory capacity
  • Sealing the annular space following installation
  • Environmental friendly

The polymers can be added to bentonite-based muds to prevent and reduce swelling of clay layers. They allow selective flocculation, it means that the clay cuttings in mud are not diluted and therefore can be easily removed by the recycling units. Polymers reduce friction coefficient and prevent bit-balling of drilling tools.

Inhibited muds are mainly used for drilling in shale and clay. During drilling in these layers inhibited systems are characterized (compared with standard drilling fluid with the same solid content) by:

  • Low viscosity
  • Low shear strength
  • High tolerance to cuttings
  • High resistance to pollution

MARINEGEL is a special bentonite-polymer mixture for use in horizontal directional drilling, microtunneling jobs and civil engineering application. MARINEGEL is specially designed to use with salt and brackish make up water, provideing good drilling fluid parameters in acceptable concentration.

MARINEGEL minimizes drilling problems, improve borehole stability and provides water loss control. Product is non-toxic and environmental friendly.

TEQBIO is a modified mixture of biodegradable polymers for horizontal directional drilling and hydrogeological drilling. Its solution has low plastic viscosity, easily controlled yield point and non-progressive gels. TEQBIO assures a good technical condition of the borehole, reduces torque and drag during drilling and pipeline installation. The product is environment friendly and safe.

Applications of the system:

  • Fully biodegradable
  • Assured system durability and stability during work
  • Strictly controlled degradation time and manner
  • Rheological parameters very similar to bentonite based systems
  • High drilling progress due to low solid content
  • Low fluid filtration has advantage on the stability of loose unconsolidated formations
  • Proper rheological parameters for correct borehole cleaning and wall stability
  • Resistant to Na, K, Ca, Mg salts
  • High tolerance to chlorides, soluble in sea water
  • Easily soluble in hard waters, at moderate pH levels and in the presence of other polymers
  • Non-toxic, hygienic certificates approved