Drilling equipment

HEADS provides tools and drilling equipment from top class and state of the art companies designed especially for Horizontal Directional Drilling.

We supply AT-BORETEC drilling equipment for DITCH WITCH, VERMEER TRACTO TECHNIC and AT-BORETEC drill rigs.

Steering blades:
– STANDARD – for soft ground like clay;
– STANDARD with wear protection – for abrasive soil conditions. Recommended to medium-hard and mixed ground (clay, sand, medium gravel);
– BARENTATZE – with TCI tips for hard and mixed ground;
– WEICHFELS – SPITZE – for hard ground (clay-, sand- and mixed ground, rocky ground);
– SHARK PLATTE – for hard ground (clay-, sand- and mixed ground, rocky ground).

Bore heads:

– ROCKHEAD TYP I – for all soil conditions from soft to hard;
– ROCKHEAD TYP II – split version of “Rockhead II” for different soil conditions;
– HARDHEAD – recommended for mixed soil condition (sand or clay);
– GRAVELKING – recommended for gravel and stony soil condition;

Drill rods offered by HEADS are manufactured using the highest quality certified materials and advanced producing technologies. Drill pipes are inspected by experienced professionals at every stage of production. Together with COLLI DRILL PIPE we got the reputation of the manufacturer and supplier of drilling rods with excellent technical performance at a reasonable price.

HEADS offers rods used in horizontal directional drilling (HDD), oil and hydrogeological drilling. We provide rods for HDD rigs: Ditch Witch, Vermeer, Tracto Technik, Case, American Augers, AT-Boretes

In our offer you can find three types of drill rods, all made from highest quality steel S-135:

  • standard friction welded
  • forged-friction welded
  • forged-one-piece

Tool joints are made of AISI 4140 steel, with nitriding process before welding in order to increase the superficial hardness.

On request, we offer drill pipes according to customers requirements and customer specifications.

Standard friction welded (SFW)

Colli Drill standard fricton welded drill pipes technology is used for small drill pipes, where forged friction technology cannot be used.

Forged-friction welded (FFW)

Colli Drill’s forged and friction welded pipes are state of the art in drill pipes. This technology can increase resistance on the weld, which is obtained by the upsetting of the extremity of the tube where the friction weld is made, coupled with the extreme strength of the special steel used for the production of the tool joints and the maximized life of the threads thanks to the nitriding heat treatment made on the threads.

Forged-one-piece (FOP)

The forged one piece pipes are obtained with a special upsetting process which is unique in the world. In fact, Colli Drill proud theirselves in the fact that they are the only ones in the world able to manufacture these pipes in one single process obtaining a perfect orientation of the steel fibers that remove any kind of tension due to the upsetting. The steel choice makes this drill pipe leader in quality.

We provide AT-BORETEC’s sonde housings for Ditch Witch, Vermeer and Grundodrill.

Standard sonde housing with connection to steering tool.

Sideloading, with Quick Connect-System or thread connection for Borehead.

Frontloading sondehousing, with Quick Connect-System or thread connection for Borehead.

Standard sonde housing with connection to steering tool.

Sideloading with Quick Connect-System or thread connection for Borehead.

Frontloading with Quick Connect-System or thread connection for Borehead.

Sonde housing with Quick Connect-System or thread connection for Borehead.

HEADS provides high quality AT-BORETEC’s adaptors for various type of rigs:














HEADS is an exclusive supplier of TechnipFMC in Poland and Eastern Europe.

FMC Technologies’ reciprocating pumps have provided exceptional performance and value since their introduction in 1884. As a pioneer and global leader in providing high-pressure fluid pumping solutions within a variety of markets, FMC Technologies offers a broad array of high pressure piston and plunger reciprocation pumps within the industrial, oil and gas, sewer cleaning, horizontal and vertical drilling, reverse osmosis and agricultural markets.

Since its inception, FMC Technologies has been known as a company that puts its customers first and keeps them ahead with engineered business solutions. This philosophy has led to a broad array of custom pump designs for the toughest of applications. By designing and engineering products with superior quality and reliability at a competitive price, FMC Technologies’ customers are able to deliver added value and meet their market needs.

HEADS provides piston and plunger pumps, which are used in the following areas:

  • Agriculture,
  • Core Drilling and Mining,
  • General Industrial,
  • Horizontal Directional Drilling,
  • Oil and Gas,
  • Well Service Pumps,
  • Reverse Osmosis,
  • Sewer Cleaning Pumps.

We keep a stock of most popular spare parts for numbers of pumps models for quick deliveries for our customers

HEADS provides additional drilling equipment for every kind of rig:

  • pulling heads,
  • swivels,
  • drilling tips,
  • shale shakers screens
  • DCI's drilling locating systems - Falcon F5 and Falcon F2. We also offer support for classic F5 and F2. More information you can find here.
  • other elements necessary to perform directional drilling.

We provide high quality COPPER GREASE for threated joint.