MSO – Modular mud cleaning system

Modular drilling fluids cleaning system is beeing used in trenchless technology. This innovative solution is designed and configured to be used by contractors operating with TBM, microtunelling, HDD, diaphragmal walls, direct-pipe, jet grouting etc. System efficiently cleans drilling fluids in trenchless technology which directly leads to reducing usage of water on site as well as solids waste disposed off the site which in total saves contractor’s money spent on disposal.

Modular mud cleaning system contains:

– Module 1 recycling unit RU1000 designed for Jet Grouting, Microtunelling, Diaphragmal walls

– Module 2 recycling unit RU2500 designed for HDD, Direct pipe, TBM

– Module 3 mixing unit MU2000 used for reconditioning drilling fluids

– Module 4A and 4B – centrifuges

– Module 5 Flocking station FU11000

Heads offers well qualified technicians and drilling fluid engineers to support the projects in all aspects of drilling fluid including cleaning and reconditioning.