Horizontal Directional Drilling

The services of HEADS are a response to the needs of a rapidly growing European market of trenchless technologies. It is a very specialized and demanding field, where there is no room for randomly chosen personnel and material.

COOPERATION with HEADS secures constant access to state of the art products and support of specialists with many years of experience in the design and selection of products for Horizontal Directional Drilling.

We offer products specially designed for directional drilling applications: high quality activated bentonites, environmental friendly natural polymers, tools and drilling equipment.

The products tested during the execution of major projects are characterized by unique efficiency and flexibility of using. Consuming less you can get more at lower operating costs.

The proper technology can reduce drilling time operation in the hole, increase the effectiveness of the complicated projects accomplishment.

We know how to solve problems, how to reduce the load of drill pipes during drilling, how to reduce the strength of the pipeline installation, how to prevent the escape of fluid out of the borehole.

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