System Oczyszczania RU 2500

Recycling Unit RU 2500 on the jobsite

RU 2500 is a high-performance recycling unit with efficiency up to 2500l/min of high viscoscity mud.
This system allows for effective cleaning of drilling fluids used in HDD, Direct Pipe and Microtunneling technologies.

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Poland’s longest HDD drilling completed. It is 2016 m long.

Under the Olszanka reserve, a Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) of 2016 meters in length and a maximum depth of 41 meters was successfully completed, marking the longest HDD drilling in Poland.

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XXVI International HDD Seminar

This is the 26th edition addressed to designers and contractors of HDD technology installations, during which a number of lectures will be given by qualified HEADS engineers and partners.

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