Recycling units

HEADS provides recycling units for drilling fluids adapted to various civil applications. All parts are made from highest quality materials. We supply complete systems and individual components such as shale shakers, hydrocyclons, centrifuges and flocculation stations. We also offer for our clients professional centrifugal pumps.

RU 300

RU 300

Mobile system with a cleaning capacity up to 300 l/min

RU 500

System with a cleaning capacity up to 500 l/min

RU 1000

System with a cleaning capacity up to 1000 l/min

Methods of separation

The level of solid content can be controlled by using the following methods:
– gravitational sedimentation
– mechanical separation
– dilution
– chemical methods

Mechanical devices for removing solids from the mud:
– elliptical vibrating screens
– linear vibrating screens
– hydrocyclones
– decanting centrifuges

Our recycling units guarantee perfect control of sand content. Our products are easy to operate and very effective in separation of wide variety of suspensions.


A properly designed recycling unit helps to effectively control the following aspects:
– costs of preparing and treatment of drilling fluids
– cost of drilling waste disposal
– reducing dilution
– sand content
– drilling progress
– borehole hydrualic parameters
– technical condition of borehole