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Mud Engineering

HEADS provides qualified engineers for the duration of the drilling process. Each engineer is skilled, competent and well- versed in providing technical services for the maintenance of drilling fluids used in the proposed drilling operation.

In order to meet the requirements towards advanced drilling techniques, HEADS offers high quality
and fully safe products and systems, as well as its own highly qualified personnel. Our mud engineers present the highest available standards. Technological progress provides us with constant staff training opportunities in drilling services and mud systems during the largest HDD projects in Europe.

Long, large diameter drilling jobs in difficult geological conditions require extensive knowledge on how to use the information and equipment to minimise the mud costs and the possible risk. To comply with the requirements essential for directional horizontal wells, we use the latest technology improvement, materials and relable equipment. We often apply results of laboratory research.

Our mud service offers the following:
- Selection of mud types and designing physical and rhelogical parameters
- Designing of hydraulical parameters of circulating fluid in correlation with ground conditions and drilling equipment
- Recommendation of drilling parameters: rate of penetration,  pump output, pulling force, rotation, torque
- Technical support for field personnel
- Designing and supervising mud recycling and treatment systems including:
1.     Linear shale shakers
2.     Hydrocyclones
3.     Centrifuges
4.     Floc units
5.     Mixing systems
- Execution of mud flocculation process
- Application of latest and developing technologies in field conditions
- Selection of downhole drilling equipment
- On time delivery of drilling fluids components and consumption reports
- Preparation of the hole for pipeline instalation
- Preparation of daily drilling technology reports
- All relevant mud tests and simulations
- Professional testing equipment application including:
1.    12 speed Fann rheometer
2.    Brookfield viscometer
3.    Filter presses
4.    Mud balance
5.    Screen analysis kit
6.    Mud retort kit
7.    Digital pH meters
8.    Digital conductivity meters
9.    HTHP testing equipment
10.    PHPA polymer concentration test kit
11.    Chloride, alkalinity and water hardness test kit
12.    Hamilton Beach mixers and multimixers.

Adequate application of drilling fluids materials: bentonites, polymers, multi-functional chemicals  and proper mud treatment procedures not only lowers the costs of mud control, but also enables solving numerous drilling problems in the extended horizontal wells.