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HEADS, founded in 1997, is one of the largest providers of products and services to the trenchless industry in Europe.
HEADS engineers are responsible for extensive training. Most of this training ranges from seminar training to field-based job training. One of the company’s visions is to provide  knowledge management for customers.  HEADS offers wide range of training courses and seminars for drilling companies, designers and independent consultants.

Every year since 1998 have been completed two-days spring seminars for HDD contractors. Hundreds of drillers, superintendents and other crew members took advantage of the opportunity to learn more about new methods of drilling, fluids technology, downhole tools, risk management in hdd projects.

Time is money.  Drilling time is big money.  Successful drilling requires blending many technologies.  Drilling equipment and procedures have a unique language that must be conquered for maximum benefit.  Clear understandable explanations of drilling rig equipment, procedures, and their complex interactions provide an excellent basis to organize cross-trained team efforts. The HEADS Drilling Course concentrates on how to interpret the technical information gathered at the drilling rig to improve operations and to decrease downtime.

Typical Seminar Program:
- Drilling vocabulary and how to communicate with drilling personnel
- Basic terms of drilling, mechanics and hydromechanics
- Basic information about geology and typical ground conditions
- Componets of mud systems: bentonites, polymers, functional chemicals
- Types of drilling fluids, phisical and rheological parameters
- Cementing jobs
- Mud testing and parameters evaluation
- Critical functions of drilling fluids
- Designing and calculation of wellbore profile
- Steering equipment, electronic devices
- Bottom hole assembly configuration
- Drill pipes and professional drilling tools
- High pressure pums – operating and maintenace
- Recycling systems – designing, operating and maintenance
- Solids management
- Hole problems: Stuck pipe, lost returns, carrying capacity
- Review of HDD rigs
- Drilling operations: pilot drilling, reaming, pipeline pullback
- Hole quality management
- Hole cleaning procedures
- Risk in HDD technology
- Steel pipes, HDPE pipes – material and requirements
- Stress analysses of drill pipes and product pipeline
- Torque and drag analysses
- How to read and understand Drilling Reports
- Well cost overview
- Safety of drilling operation
- HDD projects in Europe
- Drilling trends and new technology