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On 19-20 January 2017 training seminar for designers and installers in the technology of horizontal directional drilling was held in Tomaszowice near Kraków. This was XX’s edition of the annual seminar organized by HEADS which, as usual, has aroused great interest of those involved in the HDD industry. Two days meeting brought together over 120 guests.

At first day of seminary the participants had an opportunity to deepen their knowledge of roles of drilling mud, construct mud systems and interesting HDD projects in the last few years. Afternoon topics were associated with new location systems DCI Falcon F5 and Falcon F2, drilling string for HDD technology and also HDD rigs TORO DD2024 and DD4045. The first day ended with a social gathering, which was a great opportunity to analyze presented lectures, discussions and exchange of experiences.

The beginning of the second day was devoted to the analysis of the hole trajectory, drilling equipment for HDD technology.

We would like to thank all participants of the seminar and welcome to next year!