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TEQGEL system

Muds prepared with modified bentonites are generally liquids with low solid content. The optimal concentration is 2-3% of bentonite. With such a concentration fluids get very good rheological and filtration parameters. 

The bentonites produced by HEADS satisfy all the functions and requirements of modern drilling fluids. Advantages of systems based on our products:
- High rates of drilling penetration
- High rheological parameters at low concentrations
- Immediate formation of stable, breakable structures during circulation outages
- Much quicker dispersion compared to similar products
- No penetration of fluid outside of the borehole
- Good lubricating properties
- Initial inhibition of water sensitive clay layers- Reduces pressure losses in the drilling pipes and tools
- Compatible with most of water loss polymers limiting the level of filtration or increasing the inhibitory capacity
- Sealing the annular space following installation
- Excellent environmental acceptance confirmed