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TEQBIO system

TEQBIO is a modified mixture of biodegradable polymers for horizontal directional drilling and hydrogeological drilling. Its solution has low plastic viscosity, easily controlled yield point and non-progressive gels. TEQBIO assures a good technical condition of the borehole, reduces torque and drag during drilling and pipeline installation. The product is environment friendly and safe.

Applications of the system:
- Fully biodegradable
- Assured system durability and stability during work
- Strictly controlled degradation time and manner
- Rheological parameters most closely resemble those of bentonite based systems
- High drilling advancement due to low solid content
- No damage or warping of borehole surroundings upon completion of drilling
- Low fluid filtration level has a beneficial influence on the stability of loose unconsolidated formations
- Proper rheological parameters for correct borehole cleaning and wall stability
- Resistant to Na, K, Ca, Mg salts
- High tolerance to chlorides, soluble in sea water
- Easily soluble in hard waters, at moderate pH levels and in the presence of other polymers
- Non-toxic, has the required hygienic certificates